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Just visit our exclusive brothel in Cologne and enjoy some high quality time with one of our beautiful courtesan. We offer themed rooms for every need and pleasure. Don’t wait for your dreams to become reality. Make it happen!


You can find the most breathtaking courtesans in our house. They will ensure you have a nice time and that you will have some very special moments to remember.

Every girl in our house is self-employed and offers different kind of services. So you will definitely find what you are looking for.

  • Officially licensed courtesans
  • English speaking
  • Fluent in many different languages
  • Special services possible

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Your privacy is very important to us. That's why we have high privacy standards for our guests and girls. When visiting our brothel, you will never see or meet another guest. You will be guided through our brothel by one of our girls and can enjoy your stay without worries. If you do have special wishes, don't hesitate and contact us.

Our Rooms

You can enjoy your time in one of our many rooms available for your desires. We offer theme rooms if you would like to use some of our special services and you can of course also find rooms with a romantic atmosphere.

And if you would like to let yourself go and just relax with one of our girls, why don’t you just book one of our whirlpool rooms?

  • Great atmosphere
  • 15 available rooms
  • S&M room
  • Whirlpool rooms

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About Cologne


It's a lifestyle

Cologne was founded as a roman settlement under the name Oppidum Ubiorum and in the year 50AC renamed as the city Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium.

This over 2000 years old city has become one of germanies biggest cities and is famous for it’s colourful and open lifestyle.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Cologne Cathedral.
With a hight of 157,38m the Cologne Cathedral was the highest building in the world 1880 until 1884.

The nightlife in Cologne is well known for its many clubs, bars and also brothels. You can enjoy your stay in one of the many whore houses, brothels and exclusive clubs. Our brothel is a famous location in Cologne and well known for its services.

Visit Wikipiedia for more information about Cologne…

Local Restaurants

Exclusive cuisine
Enjoy high quality and a great atmosphere

In Cologne you can find some of the most exclusive restaurants and enjoy a special atmosphere while eating high quality meals. If you are looking for a really great evening and an exclusive cuisine, than those restaurants are the right places to go.

Enjoy a middle european cuisine with very high standards in the Amabile. This restaurant is one of the best reviewed place in cologne and winner of the „Certificate for Excellence“ 2015 -2018.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

If you are looking for french cousine then the Hanse-Stube in cologne is the right place. Beeing one of the winners of the „Certificate for Excellence“ in the years 2015 – 2018, the Hanse-Stube offers only the best.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

Receiving only the best reviews and offering delicious food is ensuring the Daitokai a place among the best japanese restaurants of germany. If you are looking for traditional japanese cuisine and sushi, this is the place to go.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

Enjoy traditional german cuisine compared with a exclusive atmosphere in the maiBeck restaurant in cologne. Beeing among the the view winner of the „Certificate for Excellence“ of the years 2016 – 2018, the maiBeck is a must while visiting germany.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

As the name is already implying, this restaurant offers traditional german cuisine as if your german grandmother would cook it herself. Offering not only great food, you can also enjoy a nice cool beer from the local brewery. You can’t be more „local“ than this.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

A typical german bar with traditional cuisine offering a beautiful location and a beer garden. Enjoy your time on a warm summer evening drinking german beer.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

Beeing a the only original brewery left in cologne after the first world war, the Gilden Brauhaus is a very atmospheric place to eat. Enjoy a local cuisine and freshly brewed beer.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

A typical local restaurant offering german cuisine just a short walk away from the cologne cathedral. Take a break of your sightseeing tour and enjoy the moment.

Visit the restaurant homepage…

Regional cuisine
How about a Schnitzel?

You definitly did not visit germany without eating at least once Bratkartoffeln. So why don’t you enjoy a traditional german cuisine in one of colognes many great restaurants. And after all, who doesn’t like to eat a Schnitzel?

Just a short drive away

Let your dreams come true

Arriving by plane at the Cologne Bonn Airport?

Our brothel is just five minutes away from the airport cologne Bonn. So why don’t you visit us after your long and stressful flight to relax and enjoy some private time in one of our many rooms. And don’t forget to drop by before flying back home!

Airport Cologne Bonn

The international airport „Konrad Adenauer“ Airport Cologne Bonn is on place 6 of the biggest airports of germany. Being only 12km away from Cologne he is a essential for businesses and tourists.

Opened in 1938 he now has nearly 13 million passengers every year and over 144000 flights.

If you want to visit Cologne or Bonn the Airport Cologne Bonn is the perfect connection on a international scale.

Beeing connected to the „Autobahn“ 59 (Highway 59) you can reach our brothel within a few moments with a „Taxi“ (cab).

To find out more about the international Airport Cologne Bonn visit the following link:

Visit Airport Cologne Bonn


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